Guava milkshake recipe!

Guava is my favorite fruit. I have enjoyed eating a lot of fresh guavas in my childhood. There was a guava tree in our courtyard garden where we would always have guava fruits. Last week my husband brought some guavas from the store and it all ripened at the same time. I love to eat [...]

Daily weight loss tips and inspiration- Manifesting perfect health .

How are you all doing today? Are you enjoying your daily weight loss routine? Do you know this routine is not just about losing weight but also about falling in love with your self to know this is about taking time to take care of your self and to know your self better. Today I [...]

Weight loss using the law of attraction. Tips and inspiration- Day 4

How can we use the law of attraction to manifest weight loss? Welcome back to day fourth of our weight loss inspiration and tips. How are you all today? What is the law of attraction and how can it help you to loss weight? As we all know the law of attraction is a law [...]

Daily weight loss inspiration and tips- Day 3

Hello guys, how are you all today? How is your weight loss routine? I'm back with daily weight loss inspiration. Let's start by refreshing our weight loss goal. Hey , another happy news I have already lost 2 kilos. See how fast the universe is working manifesting our desires. Day 1 Todays weight Our weight [...]

Daily weight loss inspiration and tips – Day II

So yesterday was the first day of our weight loss manifestation using the law of attraction. How was your day? Let's start by refreshing our goal. So what was your goal? My Goal: I have my perfect body weight to stay healthy, strong, focused and amazing. How do we raise our vibration? Through positive affirmations, [...]