Corona virus ( Covid 19) how to stay safe and positive?

Covid 19; how to face with positive mindset? Visualization

Watch “Two cup method to manifest your desires overnight.” on YouTube Have you ever tried this method to manifest anything? If you have then feel free to comment below this post. Dr. Emotto,a Japanese scientist studied the effect of our thoughts on water. He took water in two different glasses and said negative things to the one glass and send positive vibes to the water [...]

Law of attraction to boost self confidence.

Hello dear ones ,how are you all today? I had some health issues last week due to climate changes,so I couldn't post anything . This is my first biggest manifestation story . Before two years,I wasn't the same person who you see today. I was lacking confidence, I was shy and introvert. But I know [...]

Daily weight loss tips and inspiration- Manifesting perfect health .

How are you all doing today? Are you enjoying your daily weight loss routine? Do you know this routine is not just about losing weight but also about falling in love with your self to know this is about taking time to take care of your self and to know your self better. Today I [...]

Weight loss using the law of attraction. Tips and inspiration- Day 4

How can we use the law of attraction to manifest weight loss? Welcome back to day fourth of our weight loss inspiration and tips. How are you all today? What is the law of attraction and how can it help you to loss weight? As we all know the law of attraction is a law [...]