Inspirational story

Live in your own terms.

Are you a person who cares too much about what others say to you or say about you? Do you find this attitude useful to you in any way? Was it something that helped you to move forward? Is listening to other people’s opinions for everything a good thing ? What is that you can …

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Random act of kindness

Maya lost her parents as a child.She lived with her grandma.She was left alone when her grandmother died.Her fiancee left her because she was an orphan.She felt hopeless and worthless.She even thought about ending her life. This little boy lived with his mother in her neighborhood.One day he came to her house asking for something …

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Positive and negative thinking.

You wake up in the morning and went to kitchen.You were dying to have a cup of coffee . You switched on the coffee maker.It is not working.How will you react? You have two options: 1.Curse yourself and the kettle.Say to yourself”why this is happening happening to me?” Worry and spoil the day. 2.Prepare coffee …

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My friend had to attend an important interview. She was really excited about it. She told me it was really important for her to attend the interview. It was her dream job. She was travelling by train. She booked her ticket in advance. It was a rainy day. There was unusually high traffic on the …


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