About me

This site is dedicated to inspire you to love yourself unconditionally ,be yourself and to bring out the best qualities in you .

How about teaching our children to love ❤️ themselves as their first lessons of life even before teaching nursery rhymes?

Do you believe that formal education is just enough to make some one their best version?

From my life experience I have understood that self love mastery is the best way to get confident in oneself. I was bullied at school and lacked confidence in myself until I learned the importance of self love and self care. I started investing in myself. My name is Krishna Priya. Self love transformed me from a shy introvert person to a charismatic woman and today I am aspiring to be a self love advocate for myself and bullied children.I am nothing without God . I am a self love advocate and a self published author,a daughter,a mother and a wife. I am grateful to be alive , to be myself and to know myself better each day.I believe in God, miracles , angles.I spend each day being myself, knowing myself, loving myself, improving myself . Gratitude is my greatest strength.