My Daily lockdown routine: Day 1

5:30 Am

Awake from sleep. Thankful for a good night sleep and rest. A thankful welcome for the new day and new beginnings and opportunities. I believe that each day brings to us new beginnings and opportunities. Made our bed.

5: 45 AM

Slowly out of the bed to wash my face and then started to brush my teeth. Combed my unruly curly frizzy hair. Looked into the mirror and said my morning self love affirmations.

6:00 AM

Headed to kitchen to prepare breakfast and drank a glass of water on empty stomach as first thing in the morning.

6: 30 am

Finished preparing breakfast and now time for a little journaling 📓 .Made my journal entries and headed to the living room for watering our indoor plants.

7: 00 am

Now it’s time to burn some fat and build some muscles. Did my favorite work out for 30 minutes.

7:30 am

Time for a bath.Had a relaxing and refreshing bath and put the dresses in the washer.

8: 00am

Combed my hair and tied it into a messy hair bun, the easiest hairstyle for curly hair. No make up / eye liner/ lipstick. Did little face yoga to add a a natural glow to my face.

8: 30 AM

Breakfast time. Had breakfast with my husband as my son is still asleep. Done washing the plates and put aside for drying. Cleaned the dining area and headed to wake up our son from sleep.

9: 00 AM

Back to kitchen for preparing lunch. Made Kerala style rice, fish curry , dal and thoran .

11:30 am

Listen to some audio books along with my son.

1:30 pm

Lunch time with husband and son. After lunchtime had a short nap.

3:30 pm

Teatime. Made tea and some aloo pakoras . Tea with hot aloo bonda tasted good.

4:30 pm

Enjoyed a great chess game with husband and son.

5:30 pm

Movie time with family.

7: 30 pm

Lunch time with family.

8: 00 pm

Reading time. Read my favorite comical book.

9:45 pm

Sleep time:

Prayer time with family. Given thanks for all the blessings of today.Listened to some subliminal affirmations and fell asleep.

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