A mask for our mind.

I just want to share my thoughts about Corona virus ( covid-19). Every body is wearing masks for protection of our body and physical health from the disease and to prevent it from infecting others. But is it just our physical health that needs protection? What about our mental and emotional health? What do we need to protect ourselves and our mind from the social media explosion in this matter.

Whenever opening television or social media’s it is there. So we should definitely wear a mask to protect our mind from the negativity reaching it and damaging our mental and emotional health, which may in turn impact our immune system’s health.

But we should definitely listen and adhere to the safety instructions( wearing mask, social distancing,hand wash,personal hygiene,stay at home)shared by our governments and health care authorities for our own safety and prevention of spreading the illness.

I don’t know whether it is depopulation agenda or not? The one thing I know is that this kind of situation has happened in the past whenever human race started to focus more on their own selfishness and doing harm to each other and damaging our nature and ecosystems and damaging the balance of our nature and surroundings ; and trying to control this world using their power forgetting that the one and only creator and controller of this universe is God .

This is a reminder that we should once again become closer to God our father and creator for our own protection and for the protection of entire mankind through our prayer and gratitude.Together we will overcome this with timely actions,personal hygiene, gratitude and faith .

Last but not the least I would like to share this famous Bhagavad Gita quote.

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16 thoughts on “A mask for our mind.”

  1. Very well and inspiringly written with such deepness of who we really are deep inside and so right what Lord Krishna had to say in the end. When selfishness comes to its brim then there has to be something that will break it down and in return human race have to suffer. Lovely post, Krishnapriya.

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