Happy women’s day

Qualities of a strong woman 👩🏻:

1.Love’s unconditionally

2. Laugh’s her heart out

3.Carries herself nicely

4. Takes good care of herself and her loved ones

5.Empowers herself

7.Stays grateful and grounded,

8.Takes time for herself

9.Cries not because she is weak but because she is strong enough to forgive

10.Forgives herself and others

11.Lift’s herself up,

12.Walk away from those who treat her as an option

13.Stands up for herself and her loved ones

Happy women’s day

14.Never willing to give up .

5. Knows her worth

Happy women’s day for all the strong women. Stay strong 💪🏻. Love your self unconditionally and don’t forget to enjoy woman hood. Thank you 🙏.

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