Variety pudding recipe!

This recipe was shared to me by one of my dear friends.Those who love pudding must try this. It is a wonderful dessert you can serve for parties. I tried this yesterday and I really loved it.This is a double layer pudding and is very soft that it will melt in the mouth itself.

Ingredients for the first layer( Serves 8 )

1. 1 liter milk

2. Semolina- 1/2 cup

3. Sugar- 1/2 cup

4. Rose water: 1 teaspoon ( optional)

Mix the semolina, sugar and milk together before boiling to make sure that no lumps are formed. Add rose water. Then place it on your stove top and boil until it forms a creamy consistency. Transfer it into your pudding tray or bowl and allow it to set for 2 hours.

Second layer

1. Half liter milk

2. 4 tablespoons sugar ( as per your taste)

3. Cornflour :2 teaspoons

4. Cream cheese : 4 cubes

5. Pistachios ( for garnishing)

Boil the milk and add sugar. Mix the corn flour with milk to a thin consistency without forming any lumps. Add it to the milk and sugar mix and stir to form a smooth light mixture . Add the cheese to it and boil until forming a creamy texture. If you don’t like cheese you can skip adding cheese and can just allow the cornflour mixture to thicken .

Pour this mixture above the first layer and allow it to cool and set. Keep it in the-refrigerator for 8 hours. Before you use it, garnish it with powdered pistachios.

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