My village!

Every summer vacation we spend

our time in our beautiful village;

With beautiful paddy fields,

Meadows so lush with green carpet;

where cow with their calf’s wanders

freely,drinking water from nearby

streams that’s about to dry from the

piercing heat of glowing sun.

We children would play

in the shades of mango

trees where we can relax in the

laps of Mother Earth with gentle

breeze bringing smell of fresh blossom

from the nearby garden where we would

dawdle to gather flowers to make

flower garlands to adorn our hair

and sometimes fighting with each other

to win the tasty sweet mangoes that

fell from the tree and returning

to the pond side where we would

look into the eyes of a frog who

just kept staring at us wondering

whether this frog would transform into

that charming prince in the story!

“Dedicated to my wonderful sisters ,cousins and friends .”

With infinite gratitude,

Krishna Priya

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