Watch “Law of attraction: A simple manifestation challenge!” on YouTube

Hi friends, how are you all today? Today I am back with a challenge for you all. This is a very simple manifestation challenge especially for beginners in the law of attraction, but any one can try this. I usually give myself this types of challenge to improve my confidence and belief in Law of attraction.

In today’s challenge we are manifesting a free cup of coffee using three simple steps.

Goal: manifesting a cup of coffee

1. Affirmation:

“I am receiving a free cup of coffee.”

2. Visualization:

3. Gratitude

Please share,how you have manifested this coffee and how you feel about doing more of this types of challenge in future.

6 thoughts on “Watch “Law of attraction: A simple manifestation challenge!” on YouTube”

  1. i don’t drink coffee – so i said “how about tea?” i once had a cup of tea in a neighbor’s house in a Glass coffee mug and it was so tasty – with milk and sugar and lots of love. So i imagined (a) a cup of tea is such a glass mug with milk, sugar and very tasty….i thought i don’t want to ask anyone for it nor feel obliged that they made it for me and i want to drink it in a happy company.

    i visualized that cup and chai and i felt grateful for it….this was on sunday – but nothing happened. I imagined that one of my neighbors may come by or call me for this chai but i never went out of my house. Next day, i saw that neighbor and kept thinking – maybe we will start talking and i get my chai — of course it didn’t happen. Then yesterday i forgot about it……

    Today i went to a mall and i never go to malls and the person i was with said – Before we leave, let’s go to Chai point and have a cup of tea —- and they served it in a glass mug (just like i had thought of) and automatically added milk and sugar and it was soooo tasty.

    i didn’t feel obliged and was so happy with the company too! Thank you for this sweet challenge. ENJOYED it very much!

    Only when the mug came i remembered the manifestation challenge – i shared it with my friend and we both had a good laugh! 🙂

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