How to grow your garden?

What a beautiful garden!

I wonder;we can grow within us

if you can just use great care and love

to grow it .

Every day you may find weeds growing

Which has the power to destroy

the beauty of our garden.

So we would rather

pick them up one by one

at a time and say a nice goodbye

And trust them into the unknown.

But what to do if you can’t stop them

returning every now and then ;

If you ask them

Why you are coming back?

For they reply with a wicked grin

You are nothing without us

For that you say nothing but just

revert to yourself and ask you ;

If you want them? or they want you ?

Then you can just get find time

to get rid of themselves by

forgiving them for coming back

to your garden and

choose to love yourself unconditionally ,

be gentle with you and

forgive you and to your surprise

you can find them

leaving your garden

one by one for ever.

But don’t forget to put this into

practice every day when you

find some new ones.

With infinite gratitude:

Krishna Priya.

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