A silent cry!

The wind just blew away the

cover ;that I put on my face.

It revealed my tears to the world;

but alas!no one ever noticed it,

though it was flowing like an unstoppable river.

But I learned to wipe my own tears 

and now I can not just wipe my own

tears ;but reach out  my arms to someone 

whose eyes can no longer hold their tears.

I am grateful for all the lessons that 

had made me strong ;not just for myself

but for this planet .

I can remember times were my pillows

were soaked in tears ,from memories

that haunted me from my past.

But today I don’t cry from my past

hurts ,but for those who touched my

heart with their heart warming stories,

Is it my weakness to cry? or does anybody

cry because they are weak

or they need some’s care?

Wouldn’t it be nice to spare our time

today; to bring a smile to a sad looking face

by just sparing our time, to listen to their story

maybe that’s just enough to heal a wounded 

heart or to save a precious life.

With infinite gratitude


8 thoughts on “A silent cry!”

  1. Tears can somehow also wash the heart… once cleaned, it can love and smile and be peaceful to enjoy the little greatest things in life. Thank you for sharing… ❀🌼 Take good care of your heart 🌼❀

  2. It’s not weakness to cry dear. It really releases us from emotional burden. The pain we feel help us understand the pain of others. Beautiful poem. May Bhagavan always bless you. Stay cheerful and happy. Happy Vishu πŸ˜ŠπŸ’β€πŸŒ»πŸŒΉ

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