Celebrating women’s day!

Beholds the glory of God ;

another beautiful morning .

Bringing together another

wonderful day of blessings,

coming up from heaven .

Floating in the morning wind

is a melancholic tune.

Dancing in my thankful

heart ❤️ is a glee 😊 ,

for this amazing life as

a wonderful woman ,

celebrating womanhood ;

for we are here, blooming in

this life together,to welcome another

wonderful day to enjoy ,

with all the beautiful women

in this world today,

together to enjoy the

beautiful blessings of

another good day that is here .

The best way

to start your day

is to welcome it

with a thankful prayer

for the day and

it’s beautiful blessings.

With infinite gratitude,

Krishna priya 🙏

Celebrating international women’s day with all wonderful women out there.

6 thoughts on “Celebrating women’s day!”

  1. Happy women’s day to all women’s out there. All women must know their worth and never be silent if abused so women’s must stand together and support each other.

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