Inner child

My heart felt an intense pain ;

that was so overwhelming ,

but I don’t know what was

so special about it ;that feeling filled,

my wounded soul , lifting it up

and from the unending love

that flows from within.

I felt so weightless and was

floating so high .

My mind travelled ,

through the unknown;

seemingly ;getting in touch with the

inner joy of surrendering;all my heart

desires ,pains and joyful moments

into the divine love ,of infinite source

where I can feel nothing but

immense joy and gratitude.

I let go of all that was holding

me back from living

in the knowing that I have nothing

but divine love within me.

My eyes filled with tears not of pain

but of joy of letting go

of all my fears and

felt so safe like an innocent child

in the arms of its mother .

With infinite gratitude:

Krishna priya

infinitismic@all rights reserved

13 thoughts on “Inner child”

  1. These are such beautiful words – love the surrender, weightlessness and tears of communion with the love that never leaves us and is us. What a wonderful picture too! Thank You for this amazing share! πŸ™πŸŒ»πŸ’›

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