Month: March 2019

Life’s lessons !

Beneath the deep blue sky begins the journey of life. Within the deep blue sea Beholds the beauty of life. Beneath every growing tree lies a fruitful seed, Behind every beautiful rainbow 🌈 was a powerful storm ⛈ Behind every blissful life was a thankful heart ❤️ Behind every beautiful day was a dark night …

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Tears of joy!

In my deepest memories of your divine love for me where I have felt so lonely 😞 and was blindfolded in my ignorant self. You were always by my side; your unknown presence was always there ;your unseen fingers caressing my unkempt hair and was wiping away all my tears, giving me strength to move …

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New addition to this blog. You

Hi dears , how are you all today? First of all I am thankful to God for blessing me with this beautiful blog.I would also like to thank you all for the wonderful support that you are giving me, encouraging me to write and share my thoughts and experiences with you all. I am so …

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Eternal beauty!

The golden moment of life with it’s innate glory begins with contemplation and contentment deep down from within . Knowing that I am enough This eternal love, this life so full of divine guidance flowing , from the unknown eternity ; diving so deep into the unknown reality ;where we’re one with the infinite source …

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Celebrating women’s day!

Beholds the glory of God ; another beautiful morning . Bringing together another wonderful day of blessings, coming up from heaven . Floating in the morning wind is a melancholic tune. Dancing in my thankful heart ❤️ is a glee 😊 , for this amazing life as a wonderful woman , celebrating womanhood ; for …

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