Today’s morning sky

was ;gleaming with strands

of beautiful heavenly clouds .โ˜๏ธ

Some here,some there adding to the

mesmerizing theme basking in

the beaming morning sunshine. ๐ŸŒž

Gleaming in the glowing sunlight

was a morning glory.

Dancing in the blowing wind was the

glowing beauty of the day ;

with birds chirping and flying across

the sky in joy and thanks for

another day of life.

Racing with a pounding heart

was me ,missing on the golden

opportunity to enjoy this blissful moment.

So I stood there for a few minutes

with a silent prayer

in my thankful heart โค๏ธ.

Each day we keep busy

missing on this

Wonderful blessings

and focus on

what is missing.

God is a blessing,this world is a blessing .

This life is a blessing, this day is a blessing,

Sun is a blessing, moon is a blessing .

Health is a blessing, wealth is a blessing.

Prayer is a blessing, care is a blessing,

A friend is a blessing ,

a friendship is a blessing

Honey is a blessing, money is a blessing .

Wind is a blessing,rain is a blessing

Tree is a blessing, fruits are a blessing

air is a blessing ,water is a blessing

River is a blessing, snow is a blessing

People in this world are indeed a blessing

Love is also an immense blessing.

Father is a blessing, mother is a blessing

Husband is a blessing, wife is a blessing

Children are always a beautiful blessing .

A place to stay is also a blessing ,

food to eat is also a blessing,

a shoulder to cry on is also a blessing,

This earth is a blessing,

the stars are a blessing

and we are always blessed with one

or another blessing.

With infinite gratitude ,

Krishna priya

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