The change!

Be the change

We are the change that ,

we must begin ;

to bring into our life ,

and into this wonderful world ,

If we could start with our own life ;

and see what ever things

that we need to change

and do our work

and do it for us,

with out waiting for

someone else ;to help us out

because it is only you ,

who has the power,

the power within you

to change your life .

No one on this earth

can do it for you ,

until you know that ,

it starts from you .

If you can just,

look within you

to just find within you ,

the infinite love that you

have within you ,

by feeling the love

that God have for you

by falling in love with you

and by believing in you

and feeling grateful for

the divine power that

you have within you.

With infinite gratitude,

Krishna priya.

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