The flower!

Oh dear flower,

where is your lover?

Gone with the wind

or with the tether

or went missing,

Into the other.

No my dear ,

he is here ,

but into the unseen,

he has begun.

Now I can feel his,

never ending love;

in each wind that,

kisses my petals;

in each rain drops,

falling from heaven.

Together we can stay;

forever in this realm

and in the other realms.

So she said and

Closed her eyes forever,

and there I stood,

in the weather,

saying goodbye to

her forever.

They were together,

from dusk till dawn;bringing a smile to

those who watch them;

dancing together in each other’s arms.

They never failed

to serve their purpose;

bringing a smile on every faces .

Isn’t it that we all should;

do to bring a smile to someones

face in one way or other with

an act of kindness.

Next day I found another

flower;dancing with her lover,

and smiling at me.

I felt happy ;seeing them

together dancing in the weather

and serving their purpose.

With infinite gratitude,

Krishna priya.

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