Month: February 2019


Today’s morning sky was ;gleaming with strands of beautiful heavenly clouds .☁️ Some here,some there adding to the mesmerizing theme basking in the beaming morning sunshine. 🌞 Gleaming in the glowing sunlight was a morning glory. Dancing in the blowing wind was the glowing beauty of the day ; with birds chirping and flying across …

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The blissful moment!

In the blowing wind , floated the dandelion seed . In the pouring rain, stood the sprouting seeds 🌱 . In the morning mist, Stood the morning dew plant . In the falling snow , stood that yellow desert flower . In the shining sun stood , the sunflower 🌻 . In the floating waves …

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Unleash the magic!

Thank you is a word that you must treasure, deep within your heart , with immense pleasure , which you can’t measure . The hidden gem 💎 it can bring you forever, which if you master for sure, brings you magic which can usher you to hidden treasures within and outside. It was always underestimated …

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I am nothing without God.

I am alive as I have the infinite potential of God flowing through me. I am breathing as I have his divine power flowing through me. I am grateful as I have his infinite blessings pouring into my life. I can see the beauty around me as I have his divine power flowing through me. …

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