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Law of attraction is a very powerful law of the universe that you can use to create the reality that we want using the power of our mind i. e. the power of our thoughts and imaginations. We think with our brain and feel or emotionalize with our subconscious mind. If you can think or imagine about a reality that you want and start living it in your mind, you can have it for real. So our positive thoughts and positive imaginations create positive feelings, positive actions and positive outcome s. But negative thoughts and negative imaginations create negative emotions, negative actions and negative out come. ” Like attracts like.” Law of attraction is also known as the law of vibration. Everything in this universe is energy. We are energy, our thoughts are energy, and the things that we want are also energy.So when our energy or vibration matches with the energy of the things that we want to attract, it will come to us. For example; if you want to attract happiness into your life, you must start feeling happy on purpose: you can do it by thinking happy thoughts and imagine happy situations there by feeling happy. In order to attract love you must start feeling loved by thinking loving thoughts about yourself ( practicing self love) and others. Gratitude is an amazing tool to help your vibration instantly. Practice gratitude on a daily basis.

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