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How often do we find ourselves in negative situations in our life? How can we handle these situations and stay happy always? In this video I am sharing with you some awesome tips to manage these emotional situations.

1. Admit that you have negative thoughts .

Tell your self that it is okay to have negative thoughts, but what is not okay is to allow these thoughts to overpower your mind and to spoil your day. Allow your self to express these emotions. When you have to face a negative situation at home or at work, go to a place where you are not disturbed and let these emotions come out of your mind in a way that is comforting to you. It may be crying or opening your heart to someone close to you.

2. Practice forgiveness:

Forgive yourself for having these thoughts and forgive those who have contributed to these emotions.

Say in your mind: I forgive myself and I love myself. I forgive those who caused this and I love them.

3. Ask for help:

We can always ask for help from the God or the Universe . The problem is we are often reluctant to ask. Ask and it is given.

4. Letting go ritual:

Take a piece of paper and write down all your negative thoughts and replace it with positive thoughts. Fold the paper and tear it or burn it. By doing this you are letting it go into the universe.

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