Three journaling practices that will transform your life.

When it comes to journaling, most people feel it’s boring. But it is one of the best ways to reprogram your subconscious mind. Today I am sharing with you three journaling ideas that I used to transform my life and it will help you transform yours.

1. Gratitude journal

Every morning when you wake up , close your eyes and focus on the things that you have in your life that you are feeling grateful for and also you can be grateful in advance for the things that you are manifesting. Once you have done your gratitude meditation, sit down and and write three things that you are feeling grateful . This will helps you stay focused and positive all day long and gives clarity about what you must do in order to manifest your desires.

2. Manifestation journal

In this journal you can write your goals and intentions and why you are manifesting it. You can also use this for your 55×5 manifestation ritual also by framing a short positive affirmation about your goal and writing it 55 times per day for 5 days.

3. Abundance journal

In this journal make an entry of all the things that you have manifested using law of attraction (either big or small).Your smaller manifestations are the signs from the universe that your biggest manifestations are coming to you.

You can watch this video on YouTube by clicking on the link.

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