Watch “Two cup method to manifest your desires overnight.” on YouTube

Have you ever tried this method to manifest anything? If you have then feel free to comment below this post. Dr. Emotto,a Japanese scientist studied the effect of our thoughts on water. He took water in two different glasses and said negative things to the one glass and send positive vibes to the water in the second one. Then he froze both this waters. When he examined this under a microscope the crystallization pattern were different for both. The first image shows the effect of good vibes and the second one shows that of bad vibes.

From this we can understand that water has the power to hold memories. The two cup method is about using water to manifest your desires. For this you need two empty cups, a bottle of drinking water,paper,sticky notes and a marker pen. Do you know this is based on the concept that two parallel reality can exist same time in this universe. How to manifest using the two cup method? Label the first cup with your current reality. Label the next cup with the reality you desire. For example if you are manifesting a job, you currently don’t have a job. So your current reality is” no job”. What is the reality you are manifesting? “A job”. Then pour the water into the first cup , your current reality,”no job”, hold this cup with your hands and think how you feel without the job ,the problem you are facing for a few seconds. Then pour the water from the first cup into the next cup your desired reality,” a job”. Then hold this cup between your hands thinking about your new job, get into the feeling of having this job and visualize, how happy you will be with this job. What are the things you will be experiencing once you have this job. Send all the positive vibes to it and drink this water. This method you can use to manifest money,career, relationship,car, house or anything. This is also called reality jumping or quantum jumping. Do it before you go to bed. Remember to use it for one desire one time.

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