Law of attraction to boost self confidence.

Hello dear ones ,how are you all today? I had some health issues last week due to climate changes,so I couldn’t post anything . This is my first biggest manifestation story . Before two years,I wasn’t the same person who you see today. I was lacking confidence, I was shy and introvert. But I know it was not right and was not sure about what I should do to change my life. It was exactly six months later that I came across the law of attraction video that changed my life completely. I decided to learn and practice it. First thing I did was to practice gratitude, followed by affirmations. Even though I didn’t see any signs at first,I kept my faith.How do you normally feel , when you are invited to speak on stage or when you face a large group of people or when you are invited for a party or get together? What will you do when you are about to enter to a hall where people are sitting on both sides and your friends are seated in the front row?Do you prefer to walk through the center of the crowd or to go to the front entrance to get there?Do you feel like your throat drying , hands , knees and feet trembling,heart pounding, sweating even in the cold weather ? Do you try to avoid such situations, just to be alone? This all I have experienced in the past. If you have any of these, you are seriously in lack of self confidence. The first thing I did was to realize that it was not my mistake and started to love and forgive myself each day. I realized that I was born with a lot of confidence,courage, happiness and love within me.It was my experiences that lead me to forget about this. I also forgived those who contributed to this. So what is that cause you to feel not confident in yourself? Is it because some one told you that you are not good enough? Is it because some one ignored you or bullied you or abused you? Identify what it is . Do you know it is not your mistake to feel so? Start to love , accept and forgive yourself. Forgive the people who contributed to it. Do you know you can use the law of attraction to become more confident? I will tell you how.The first step is to write down your goal. The next is to raise your vibration by using positive affirmations, gratitude, tapping and acting as if or visualization.


Write down your goal in present tense as if it has already happened. “I am feeling confident enough to be myself, love myself and accept myself.”

Positive affirmations

I am strong.

I am powerful.

I am confident

I love myself for who I am.

Daily gratitude

Thank you so much dear God for all the confidence you are giving to me through out my life.

Thank you so much God for all the confidence, you are giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Daily tapping

Here the tapping statement is, Even though I am not feeling confident ,I choose to totally and completely love and accept myself. Follow this by my low confidence.

Act as if

Observe the body language of a confident person and act like them. How do they walk? How do they hold their head? How do they speak? How do they shake hands? Once you learn this,start acting like you are already confident.


Avoid being with people who makes you feel bitter or treats you bad. Learn to say no to the people who have always walked over you, not in a rude way but in an assertive way. There are three different ways of communicating with people.

Passive: A person who always say yes to everything or everyone, even if they don’t feel it is right. They always fear about pleasing others in order to make them stay in their lives. They don’t care, how others are treating them. They speak so softly without looking into the eyes of others.


These are the people who exploit the passive people. They give orders and want everyone to obey them. They talk so loud and rudely. They don’t care about the feeling of others.


This is the best way of communicating, because here they know how to set that boundary without hurting the other persons feeling. For example you were back from work, your friend is calling you to go for shopping. What will you do? Say yes or abruptly say no. Instead of saying I am not coming. You can say, I am tired so I can’t do it now,do you mind if you can do it another day or can you go alone? Learning to be assertive require a lot of practice and patience. But it is worth it. Stay blessed and amazing as always.

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