My hair stopped falling!! Law of attraction story.

I was experiencing a lot of hair fall post keratin treatment. My hair was very thick,curly and long. So it took me daily one hour in the morning to detangle ,comb and style my hair before going to work. So I decided to go for a keratin treatment. It was one of the worst decision I have ever made. Of course it made my hair manageable but hair fall became a night mare. Whenever I comb my hair,I found a lot of hair strands on the comb. When ever I washed my hair,I found a lot of strands on the bathroom floors. My hair was falling like crazy. I started to panic. Then I tried different types of hair oils, and supplements, but nothing seems to help. The more I panicked, the more hair fall I experienced. Then I told myself to calm down. I decided to apply the law of attraction to stop my hair fall. The first thing I did was to create my goal.

My goal:

I wrote my goal in present tense. My hair is thicker, stronger,longer and blacker and manageable day by day. Then I decided to raise my vibration by using positive affirmations, gratitude, tapping and visualization or acting as if.

Positive affirmations:

My hair is thicker.

My hair is stronger.

My hair is good.

My hair is healthy.

I love my hair.

Daily gratitude:

Thank you so much dear God for giving me thick, strong,black, long and manageable hair through out my entire life.

Daily tapping:

My tapping statement was, even though I have a lot of hair fall, I choose to totally and completely love and accept myself.



Daily visualization:

I visualized myself having thick,long , black and manageable hair. I visualized people asking me,how I managed to grow back my healthy hair.


1. Healthy diet, more green veggies,amla ( Indian gooseberry juice), nuts, eggs,milk.

2. Henna treatment once in a month. Hot oil treatment twice a week using Kalonji seed( black cumin seed) oil. This oil can be prepared using

Kalonji – 1 teaspoon

Fenugreek- 1 teaspoon

Curry leaves dried – 1 small cup

Grind all these together. Put in a glass bottle,add 100 ml coconut oil,100 ml olive oil and 50 ml castor oil,mix it thoroughly using a spoon or stirrer. Close and store it in a dark place. You can use it after 15 days. Take a small amount and heat slightly before applying. Leave it over night on your hair for best result. Shampoo it the next day. Then another thing I used was Aloe vera, castor oil and egg mask once a week.

Aloe vera gel – 2 teaspoon

Egg – 2

Castor oil- 1 teaspoon

Mix all the ingredients thoroughly and apply to your hair, leave for 30 minutes and wash off using a mild shampoo.

Then when ever I combed my hair, I conciously diverted my attention to something else like listening to music or watching some videos or movies on my phone. After a few days my hair fall started to reduce.

This is how I managed to grow my hair back.

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