Ultimate wealth manifestation tips and tricks.

Hello dear ones, how are you all doing today? Are you satisfied with your current financial situation? How happy are you with your wealth? Today let’s join together to create the ultimate wealth using the law of attraction. The first and the foremost step to create wealth using the law of attraction is to have a goal. So what is your goal? Start by writing down your financial goal. Write it in present tense as you have already manifested it. You can either have specific goal or general goal. What I do is , to have a general goal and let the God or universe choose what is best for me.


For example: “I am so happy and grateful to accept, receive, enjoy , experience and share all forms of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity flowing freely and consistently into every areas of my life.” Write down your goal everyday until you can see it in your mind without looking at your journal.Once you have written your goal,the next step is to get to the vibration of money, wealth, abundance and prosperity. How can you do this? You can do this using positive affirmations, gratitude, tapping, visualization or acting as if. So what are your affirmations?

Daily affirmation

I love money and money loves me.

Money flows to me easily now.

I am grateful for all that I have and all that I receive now.

There is more than enough for everyone.

Making money is too easy.

I have more than enough money, wealth, abundance and prosperity.

I am so happy to have more and more money in my life.

Daily gratitude

Dear God, thank you so much for all the money, wealth, abundance and prosperity, you have been giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Dear God thank you so much for the opportunity to see, appreciate, accept, receive, enjoy experience and share all forms of abundance, wealth and prosperity flowing in to every areas of my life.

What is your current belief about money or wealth? Do you believe it is too hard to make money? If you believe it is hard ,then it will be hard. Do you believe that you have to work hard to make money? If you believe it ,then you will have to. Do you know, what ever you believe is what you are attracting ?

Daily tapping

This is to remove any negative believes you have about money. Tapping statement, “even though I have negative thoughts about money ,I choose to totally and completely love and accept myself. ” Followed by my “negative thoughts about money.”

Daily visualization:

How will you behave or feel when you have all that abundance in your life? How will you dress? What type of car would you drive? Where will you live? What will you do with the wealth? Will you help someone? Or build a new house or start your own business?


Start appreciating everything you already have. Whatever you already have you or your family paid for it, right? It maybe your dress, food, mobile phone, your education, your laptop,it can be anything . Remember it all symbolizes wealth.

Start appreciating the wealth in other people’s lives. For example,if you see a nice car or a nice dress,or nice house feel happy and grateful for it. What I do is whenever I see a nice car,I will say in my mind,I love and appreciate this car.I appreciate the owner of this car. I love and appreciate all the money and other symbol of financial abundance in the universe. I am so happy and grateful that I have the opportunity to see, appreciate, accept, receive, enjoy and experience  and share all forms of abundance in this world.

Then how do you normally feel, when you pay money for something? For example, when you went for shopping and you were about to swipe your card, what is that thought that usually comes to your mind? Do you feel worried that you have to spend that much money for shopping? Instead of feeling worried, you can thank God for giving you money to pay for it. How about feeling happy and excited that you have paid money to support the people who work there. So whenever you are spending money, start saying in your mind: ” This money that I spend will return back to me in seven fold.” Try this and you will be amazed by the result.

Stop complaining

Do you complain about what other people are not doing for you? Do you think that your boss is not fair to you? Do you feel that even though you are working hard, you are not getting that pay raise? Do you feel that the government and politicians are not doing anything to make your life better? Let’s stop blaming others for what others are not doing for us and think about what we can do to make our lives better. What is that single, small step that you are going to take today to achieve your goals? Think about what you can do to change your life, income and circumstances? Maybe it is applying for a new job . Maybe it is going for higher studies. Maybe it is starting your own business. Maybe it is writing a book. The change begins with you. If each person do this , what will happen?

Have faith

Don’t worry about , how this wealth is going to come to you? It may be by winning a lottery or in the form of an inheritance or a promotion or a new idea or a new business. It is not your job to worry about, how it is going to happen? Universe have already created it for you. Once you set your intention and raise your vibration and get ready to receive, universe will guide you in the right direction , about what you should do in order to get that wealth. The universe is always working for your heighest good. You are being blessed with abundance of health, wealth , opportunities and guidances once you believe. Stay blessed and amazing!!!

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      1. While in college I had read a few books and worth mentioning among them was Success with a Positive Mental Attitude and Think and Grow Rich by Clement Stone & Napolean Hill. These books also stressed on us writing what we wanted in life and work towards it and I am sure they helped me a lot…

  1. Not actively though but the principles are always at the back of the mind. You have summarised them so we’ll do it becomes easy for anyone to follow, Krishna!

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