Weight loss using the law of attraction. Tips and inspiration- Day 4

How can we use the law of attraction to manifest weight loss? Welcome back to day fourth of our weight loss inspiration and tips. How are you all today? What is the law of attraction and how can it help you to loss weight? As we all know the law of attraction is a law of the universe like the law of gravity. Do you know that it is also called the law of vibration? What we think is what we attract or manifest. So our thoughts are energy, everything in this universe is energy. When the energetic vibration of our thoughts matches with the energy or frequency of our desires ,it is when real manifestation takes place. So here our desire is to reduce weight right? So let’s see how can we get into vibrational match with our desire. In order to do this we must have a goal or a thought.

What is your goal?

Did you write down this goal in present tense as if it has already happened?For example: My goal is to have the most perfect body weight that keeps me healthy, strong, focused and amazing. You might be thinking,why I can’t be specific like – My goal is to have 50 kg of body weight. Do you know our universe always manifest the most perfect things for you? If you manifest 50 kilo body weight and you don’t feel healthy,or always get sick,then what is the use? So here we are allowing universe to choose what is best for you. Once you have decided your goal write it down every day in your manifestation journal. Next step is to get to the right vibration. So how can you become a vibrational match with your perfect body weight?This can be done by using positive affirmations, gratitude, tapping , visualization or acting as if it has already happened.

Affirmation for the day

What are your affirmations for the day? Did you wrote it down?

I am healthy.

I am amazing.

I am strong.

I have my perfect body weight that keeps me healthy, strong, focused and amazing.

I feel happy , grateful and amazing.

Daily gratitude

Did you fill your gratitude journal?

Thank you so much dear God for giving me the perfect body weight that keeps me healthy, strong and amazing.

Thank you so much God for perfect body weight and health you are giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Daily tapping

Did you tap today for weight loss? Was tapping really helpful to you?

Act as if

Did you act as if you have already manifested your ideal perfect body weight? Did you express your gratitude , happiness ? How are you feeling since you have already manifested your body weight? Do you feel happy, confident and comfortable about it? Are you feeling happy that you can wear that dress again?

Daily activities

What are the things you can do to achieve your goals? It can be any types of exercise like cycling, jogging, walking, swimming,yoga, climbing stairs up and down. You can do anything that is convenient to you and make sure you do it daily. What did you do today?

Daily diet:Watch what you eat.

You can eat when ever you feel hungry. But take care about what you eat? Did you have your cup of green tea with out sugar? Did you drink 8 – 10 glasses of water today? What kind of food did you cook today? Your most favorite or your least favorite dish? Did you eat more or less? Did you introduce fruits,nuts and veggies instead of fries ?

Thank you for joining me in daily weight loss inspiration. Have a great day. Stay blessed and wonderful!!

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