Month: October 2018

Thoughts and Mindset.

Do you know how many thoughts do you think per day? What are you thinking right now ? Is it possible to count the exact number of thoughts that our minds process per second? Are all your thoughts good ? Are you able to control your thoughts? We humans are the only species who have …

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Selfcare and it’s benefits.

What is self care? Self care is about taking time everyday from your hectic schedule and reflecting upon your mental, physical and emotional needs to reinvigorate your mind,body and spirit. How many hours do we invest daily taking care of the needs of others? How much do we care for our family members? How much …

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Are you experiencing synchronicities in your life right now? For example, you were thinking about a song and after sometime you heard that song playing in the television or FM radio. You were like,”wow I was just thinking about this song and it is manifesting.” Then you were thinking about an old friend ,whom you …

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The divine presence.

Have you ever felt the presence of the one and only” God”, the universe or the infinite source of potential in your life? Have you noticed it anywhere in your life?Did you felt something strange before escaping an accident? That voice telling you to get out of the car now. Then you didn’t know that …

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Emotional freedom technique EFT and it’s benefits.

EFT was introduced by Gary Craig in 1990’s. This technique is a combination of mind-body medicine and acupuncture. This method is based on the fact that are our thoughts and emotions are energy and the effect of these thoughts either Positive or negative on all functions of our body leading to stress and anxiety. EFT …

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Best wallet colours to attract wealth.

Your wallet is where you keep your money. When it comes to finances wallet plays an important role. Follow these simple tips to have more finances coming into your life. Size of wallet: Your wallet must be spacious enough to hold all your bills in place. It is preferable to have separate pocket for keeping …

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