Daily weight loss inspiration and tips- Day 3

Hello guys, how are you all today? How is your weight loss routine? I’m back with daily weight loss inspiration. Let’s start by refreshing our weight loss goal. Hey , another happy news I have already lost 2 kilos. See how fast the universe is working manifesting our desires.

Day 1

Todays weight

Our weight loss goal.

I have my perfect body weight that keeps me healthy, strong, focused and amazing.

How to raise your vibration for weight loss?

Positive affirmations, gratitude and EFT tapping and believing or acting as if it has already happened.

Affirmation of the day

I am strong

I am healthy

I am slim

I am amazing

I am perfect

Daily gratitude

Thank you so much God for the perfect body weight and health you have been giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

How to act as if ?




Daily tapping




Daily work out

Today I cycled for 20 minutes and burned 42 calories. I walked for 15 minutes . I climbed stairs five times up and down. How was your work out today?

Daily diet:

Today I had my green tea without sugar. I drank 4 litre of water and snacked on some fruits and veggies.

My diet

I start my day with 1 cup of pure water on empty stomach. Then one glass of lukewarm lemon water after breathing exercises and warm up. Followed by breakfast along with a cup of fresh juice. When I get hungry before lunch I will eat 4-10 almonds soaked in water previous night as snack. My lunch includes rice and veggies followed by one small bowl of sprouts as dinner. Thank you all for joining me in this weight loss manifestation journey. Stay blessed, amazing and inspiring.

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