Daily weight loss inspiration and tips – Day II

So yesterday was the first day of our weight loss manifestation using the law of attraction. How was your day? Let’s start by refreshing our goal.

So what was your goal?

My Goal:

I have my perfect body weight to stay healthy, strong, focused and amazing.

How do we raise our vibration? Through positive affirmations, daily gratitude and EFT tapping.

What is the affirmation of the day?

I have my perfect body weight.

I am strong and healthy.

I am perfect.

I love myself for who I am.

Daily gratitude

Thank you so much God for my perfect body weight to stay fit, healthy, focused and amazing.

Thank you so much God for the perfect body weight and health you have been giving to me, my family and all the people in this world.


I believe that I have my perfect body weight and I feel so, happy, confident, amazing and grateful for it. Then close your eyes and visualize your perfect body.

Daily EFT tapping to remove any negative emotions associated with weight gain.Tap on daily to remove any negative thoughts about your weight.


Daily exercise

Indoor cycling (15 min)


Walking (15 min)

Taking stairs (5 times,up and down)

Jogging (15 minutes)

Breathing exercises(1 -2 second)

You can do any exercise that is convenient for you to do.

Cooking and eating tips

Recently I have been cooking a lot of my favorite dishes. Whenever I made those dishes ,I found myself a large quantity of food . So I stopped cooking my favorite recipes and cooked only my least favorite items. So I automatically ate less.Do you know,if you daily cook your favorite food, you tend to eat more than you need ? If you cook some of your least favorite food or something you don’t like,you won’t eat more. When you eat out side or order some thing , order some of your least favorite items and share it with others. Include more fresh veggies and sprouts. When you go for a party , what will you do? Do you eat a lot of food? Instead of taking a large quantity of food, take one or two from everything .Then it will be more than enough for you .What if someone close to you order your favorite food. Instead of completely avoiding that food , you can take one or two pieces and stop.

Daily reminder: Whenever eating something don’t forget to say, thank you for making me slim and healthy.

Snack on low fat yoghurt, because it contains probiotics good for your stomach health and support proper digestion. Replace your evening fried snacks with your favorite fruits and nuts.Don’t starve to lose weight, because you tends to eat more when you can no longer control your hunger.

Did you have your cup of green tea with out sugar?Me with my cup of green tea. Stay blessed.

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