Daily weight loss tips and inspiration – Day 1.

I haven’t checked my weight for more than a year. Day before yesterday one of my colleagues asked me,Krishna did you gain weight? I told her ,I don’t know,I haven’t checked. I don’t usually care what other people say about me. Then the next day I met one of my friend on the way to work, she also asked me the same question? So I thought, why can’t I check my weight? When I checked my weight it has increased 5 kilos from the weight I had before. Then I know it was a message from the universe to keep my weight under check. Universe can’t communicate directly with us. If you hear many person asking you the same questions, then there is something for you to notice. I have never used the law of attraction to manifest perfect weight. So I thought,why can’t I use the law of attraction to manifest the most perfect body weight for myself. So I am manifesting my ideal perfect body weight starting from today. If anyone else have the same goals can join me from today. Let’s manifest together. This is my present weight .

Write down your goal

My goal is to have the most perfect body weight, that keeps me healthy, strong and amazing. So I wrote in my manifestation journal,”I have the most perfect body weight to stay healthy , focused , strong and amazing.” The next step is to get to the highest vibration . How can we raise our vibration for losing weight?

Positive affirmations

I am slim

I am healthy

I am strong

I have the most perfect body weight.

Thank you so much God for the perfect body weight and health you have been giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.


“Dear God thank you so much for giving me the most perfect body weight and health throughout my life.”Stay grateful as if it has already happened.


You must completely believe that it has already manifested. I believe that I have my ideal body weight. Visualize your self having that perfect shape. Act as if it has already happened. How will you behave ,dress,or walk when you have that ideal weight ?

EFT for weight loss

Inorder to remove any negative believes you can use EFT tapping. Statement for weight loss is,” even though I have gained weight I totally and completely love and accept myself” tap repeating the statement three times on the point below your little finger. Then tap on the remaining points repeating the short statement, ” my weight gain “.

Look into the mirror and feel happy about what you see. Give your self the love that you deserve.


Next step is to take the necessary action.

Do you restrict your self from eating when you feel hungry in order to lose weight ?This is not a good practice. Instead try eating food with love. When eating, say,” thank you for making me slim. ” Once we have raised our vibration our body knows what , when and how much to eat.Have a cup of green tea with out sugar. Drink plenty of water and stay hydrated. This is my green tea.


What is your favorite exercise? Is it walking , jogging, cycling or going to gym? Spend 30 minutes daily until you reach your goal. I started doing breathing exercises, cycling for 15 minutes, climbing stairs 5 times up and down and 15 minutes walking .

Stay motivated:

Whenever you feel like not exercising, look at your goal. Those who are manifesting a weight loss can join me by commenting on this post. Join me for daily EFT tapping and weight loss inspiration. I will keep you updated about my weight loss routine and progress. Stay blessed and wonderful!!!

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