How to feel and stay awesome always ?

How do you feel after a busy day at work? Do you feel like just going to bed and taking a short nap? It is normal to feel that. Our body needs to recharge every day. How do we save money? Most of the people take good care while investing money. By investing wisely, right? But when coming to our self, how many of you take it seriously?How can we save our selves?

Invest in yourself

The first and the foremost place you have to invest is in you. Do you know,if you don’t don’t take it seriously, you can’t stay healthy for long? What will happen if you are not healthy? You can’t fully concentrate on your work or take proper care of your loved ones. You will have to spend a lot of time and money for hospital visits and on medicines to stay healthy. How can you invest on you?Stay away from anything harmful to you like smoking, alcohol ,drugs etc. Start your day with a small prayer, meditation or gratitude. Exercise on a daily basis either by taking a brisk walk, jogging or cycling. Eat healthy food and drink plenty of water. Take time to learn something new by reading books or listening to podcasts. Spend time with your family and loved ones. Stay away from gossips and negative people. Get enough rest and sleep. Engage in something you love and have lots of fun. Smile and laugh.

Love and accept yourself

How much have you loved your family , friends or people in your life? How much do you love your self? How do you feel when you look at the mirror ? Do you feel confident? Do you feel comfortable with your look? or you want to change some thing about your look,so that more people will love and accept you. Do you know any person who wants to change his appearance just to get love and acceptance from others can’t love them self ? Learning to love and accept you in the way you are is the most important thing. When you begin to feel comfortable with your self , you are becoming a magnet. People will be drawn to you seeing the new and confident you. You no longer have to go back of people to be loved .


Have you experienced the power of Forgiveness ? What will you do when your family member or friends make a mistake? Do you forgive them? Do you remember how your parents forgived you when you were younger? How do you feel when someone forgive you? You feel relieved, right? Then why can’t you forgive your self for your own mistakes? How do you feel when someone behaved to you rudely or cheated on you? You will feel angry or sad or anxious, right? What do you gain by doing it? You are just destroying your mental peace while the other person is enjoying. So why can’t you just get into the habit of forgiving them?

Don’t limit your self

How often do we limit our selves by not doing what we like? Why is it so? We were preconditioned from our past experiences that we had in our childhood. We were taught from childhood to follow societal norms,especially in a country like India. This is what each parents or grandparents teach their children. What will people say if you do this? What will people think of you if you wear this dress? What will they say if they see you coming late ? If you do that you can’t get a good marriage proposal. Girls must not leave the house after 6 pm. It is like if you are a girl, you are supposed to be following certain rules , like girl should not talk loudly…. If you do this people will think bad about you,if you do this people will say bad about you and these restrictions goes on. These restrictions developed into fear,fear of being judged. How many of you still restrict your self from doing what you love? These fear have been holding most of us from doing what you want to do.It is time to let go of these fears and to enjoy your limitless life. Let your life is full of peace, happiness and love. Stay awesome and blessed always.

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