The most unbelievable sign that your biggest manifestation is near.

What is the most powerful and the unbelievable sign that you are about to experience just before your biggest manifestation comes true? You were practicing the law of attraction and many of your smaller manifestations already came true. You started seeing signs in the form of repeating numbers , feathers and other synchronicities. You got that dream job offer or started your own business or went to purchase that dream house but all of a sudden everything turns upside down. That job offer got cancelled, your business was very slow, that bulk order you received got cancelled. This is where most of the law of attraction manifestor’s fail. They start to lose their faith in the law and starts to think that the law of attraction is not real or it is not working for them. They feel very low and start to think negative thoughts. But believe me this is the most powerful sign from the universe. The people who don’t give up on their faith and continue to trust the universe are those who have manifested their greatest desires. I had an important appointment,a few days back. It was really important for me. I was really looking forward to it. But a day before it I received message that it was cancelled. The person who arranged the meeting cancelled his Visa due to some personal reasons. First I felt disappointed about it and started getting negative thoughts flowing one by one . Then came some issues regarding work and my son sprained his leg. We experienced some financial losses also. One negative event followed the other. I felt really difficult to stay positive. But I know it was important for me to have faith. I started to ask myself, what is that universe want to tell me? What if all that happened was for something good? I meditated for some time. I prayed, Then I thanked God for the good things that happened that day. I told myself that the appointment was cancelled for some thing far better than that and I thanked universe for that. Then I thanked God for protecting my son from something more serious. It is just a sprain. I told myself that the financial losses was to avoid over spending. Then I intentionally watched some funny clips and joined my son for a game of chess. Before I went to sleep, took a refreshing bath and I cried with all my heart reflecting on the good things that happened that day. I thanked God for the tasty and delicious food that I relished up on that day, my favorite food was ordered by my friend that day, I happened to hear my favorite song playing on the tv. Then the next day I wake up feeling happy and grateful. I took care to keep my vibration high by reading inspirational contents, spending time with family and friends, exercising, dancing and watching birds. Before long universe rewarded us with much better opportunities,my son was healed without any medicine within a day or two. We received an equivalent amount of money as a gift from two unexpected places. You started to do something with great enthusiasm, but it was not too long before, you realized that you failed. You had a meeting with a new potential client, but the meeting was cancelled . You prepared well for an interview and was sure to get that job, but you failed in the interview. How many of such situations do we face daily?How do you feel? Do you feel frustrated? How do you usually spend the remaining day? Do you spend the entire day thinking over and over again about what went wrong? Do you spend the whole day feeling worthless? By doing this, what do you gain? You are simply lowering your vibrations blocking good things from coming to you. Do you know by doing this you are failing to notice the other good things happening in your life? In such situations this simple tips can help you to overcome negative thoughts and to raise your vibration. Ask your self, what if I failed in this because I am going to get something better ? Asking this helps to shift your focus immediately from negative to positive. Then go out and spend time with your family and loved ones. Have fun,by singing, dancing, playing or enjoying the weather. Do not stop from enjoying your blessings by giving more importance to the small set backs. Spend time each day learning new skills that are worth developing. Then before you go to bed,ask your self, what are the good things that happened to me today? Whether it is getting to work on time or getting a free parking spot in a crowded area,or an unknown person smiling at you or getting enough time to spend with your family or your favorite food was cooked by your mother or that favorite song that played on the television. Be thankful. Stay blessed and amazing!!

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  1. This is so beautiful and inspiring. There are hundred thousand reasons for us to feel blessed and why focus on the few that seem to not be working. The Master of the Universe has everything well planned – we just have to hop onto the plane and be content that He will take the aircraft to the destination in the smoothest possible way. I feel your post is one of the beautiful rainbows for me to see from the window of the plane! I can hear the flute music playing in the intercom and my heart is dancing. Thank you, beloved Krishna! 🙂

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