Law of attraction and the two questions.

Where do you usually go for shopping? Is it a grocery store near your home or a shopping mall or online shopping?What is the main difference between the three ? Which one is more convenient for you? Which one do you enjoy the most? If you are shopping in a shopping mall or online you have a wide variety of choices , isn’t it ?You can examine and make the most appropriate choice. Do you know that our universe is a perfect limitless space where you can get anything you like? Universe is with unlimited supply and unlimited choices for everything we need.Do you know that everything we need is available in limitless quantities in the universe ? Universe is perfectly constructed, maintained and limitlessly supplied by God. So there is no lack of anything in the universe. You just have to decide what you want to have and write it down,look for it , focus on it and see it in your mind. Then you have to completely believe that you are going to get it . What do we pay when we usually do shopping? We pay money, right? But here we are paying gratitude in advance for the things that we are going to receive from the universe. Here the payment is in advance. It is like making a purchase from Amazon or Flipkart or eBay. It is we who select what we like,add to our mind and make payment in the form of gratitude. Then we will wait for it until it will be delivered , isn’t it? But sometimes we may experience a delay in receiving . Why do we experience such delay? Is it because of our negative self limiting believes? So what can we do to avoid such delays?What do we usually do then? Contact the customer care, right? But in the case of universal shopping mall what we can do when we are experiencing a delay? You can ask your self these questions. For example, if you are manifesting a certain amount of money, decide how much money you want, write it down, look at it and focus on it,visualize it , believe that you already have it and pay gratitude in advance for having it and wait for it to be delivered to you by the universe. In the meantime you can ask Universe the following questions:

1)wouldn’t it be nice to have this much money in my account?

2) what if this delay is for something better?

This will help you to stay focused on your desires and to have faith in the universe. You can have anything physical like money, car,job,house, travel , business,etc….and anything non physical like love, confidence, courage, happiness,etc… There is limitless money in the bank of universe, you always can have as much as you want. If you are manifesting love,it is different because love is something which is not material,so you can’t decide the quantity you are going to manifest. You cannot see it, but you can feel it , right? So you can start by feeling the love . How can you do this? This is by loving your self completely and unconditionally. Once you feel that love write down your intention. Use this affirmation. I am love. I have more than enough love with in me . Thank you so much God for all the love that you have been giving to me, my family and all the people in this world. If you are manifesting a particular person and if you know who this person is ,what are the qualities you like about the person?Why do you love him/ her?Then write down in present tense, Thank you so much God for a loving relationship between me and this person. Believe in it completely. Visualize it and wait for it to have it. Then ask Universe,

Wouldn’t it be nice to have this person as my love?

What if this delay is for something good?

Note: This is not a scientific explanation of law of attraction. This is a simple thought that came into my mind while meditating. Thank you so much God for all the guidance you have been giving to us. Thank you my dear readers and stay blessed.

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