Two manifestations on the same day.

How are you all today?How long have you been practicing the Law of attraction? Are you a beginner or an expert manifestor ? What is the latest desire either big or small that you have manifested?Today is a special day to me. It is today that ,two of my recent manifestations came true. “100 blog posts and a beautiful fish tank. I thought to inspire you by sharing my most recent manifestation story using the law of attraction as my 100th blog post. When I started this blog I have no idea, what I was going to post. But I know it has to be something inspiring and motivating. I started with my first post any way. Then I wrote in my manifestation journal ,’ I am publishing 100 posts on this blog.” I set my intention . I completely believed that universe is manifesting it for me. I started expressing my gratitude for it as if it has already manifested. There were several days that I had nothing to post. Some days I felt blank and low and even thought about quitting. But something inside me told me to keep posting .I kept my faith in God. I cheered myself up by meditating, praying, journaling and positive affirmations. I shifted my focus from worrying and started learning some dance moves online. I started feeling happy again. But I never shifted my focus from writing. I continued to post slowly but steadily. First once in a while,then once in every fortnight, once in a week, twice a week, every other day, and then daily. It is okay to feel demotivated at some point. What is important is learning to get back to your heighest vibration again. In the meantime I asked God to guide me in the right direction. I got inspiration from unknown sources to write each post. This is my 100th blog post. I don’t know what I am going to write tomorrow but I believe completely that God will guide me in the right direction. Thank you so much God for guiding me in the right direction throughout my life.

Then another manifestation that came true today is a fish tank. I always wished to have a small but beautiful fish tank. I have told about this to my husband and son. My son also liked the idea of a fish tank. But I was not sure about the type or model of the fish tank I should buy. So I started searching online and one of the fish tank caught my attention.I wrote in my manifestation journal ,” I am buying a fish tank”. Then I visualized it every day in my mind . I visited nearby shops but I was unable to find the same type of fish tank . So I didn’t purchase it. But I didn’t give upon my intention. I expressed gratitude for manifesting it and kept my faith in universe. Then I was busy with my job,travel and vacations and other bigger manifestations. So I almost forgot about it. But today our family friend gifted us with the exact same type of fish tank I have manifested. I have no words to express my gratitude. This is how universe have manifested my desire in the most unexpected way at the unexpected time. So the important thing is to have faith in universe. Universe always have our back. If it is taking so long to manifest,remember it is going to manifest in the most beautiful way than you have ever imagined. Stay blessed and optimistic. Keep manifesting.

Here are the pictures of the aquarium the Universe manifested for me. Isn’t it beautiful.

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