Live in your own terms.

Are you a person who cares too much about what others say to you or say about you? Do you find this attitude useful to you in any way? Was it something that helped you to move forward? Is listening to other people’s opinions for everything a good thing ? What is that you can gain from doing this?Are you living your life in your own terms ? Do you find it difficult to say no to someone even if you want to or even when you know that they are wrong? Today I remembered an old story that I read in my child hood. I t was a story about a farmer ,his son and a donkey. This farmer and his son bought a donkey from the market and was returning to their village. On the way they first met a group of people who laughed at them because,the farmer ,his son and donkey were walking. They told the farmer to put his son on the top of the donkey .He thought it was right. So he walked pulling the donkey, while his son rode the donkey. Then they met an old lady who told, how can a young boy ride on the donkey while his father walked? So the farmer sat on the donkey , while his son walked. Next they met a group who asked, why both of them can’t ride on the donkey? So both father and son sat on the donkey . Finally they met a group who laughed at them and said they are cruel to ride on the poor donkey, and why can’t they both carry the donkey on their shoulder? So they tied the legs of the donkey and carried on their shoulder. While crossing a bridge the donkey fell into the river and was carried away. So what do you understand from this story? This is what happens to those who live to please everyone. People who listens to the opinion of everyone or the person who live to please everyone cannot be successful in life. They will end up doing nothing or loosing everything. If you want to be successful start doing things in your own ways. Don’t ask for opinion from every one or don’t care what others say. People are different. They vary in their opinions. Don’t let your life or happiness be controlled by another person’s attitude towards you. Live life in your own terms. If you are not sure about something ask for guidance from God . You can get the opinion of an expert or a close family member. Was this story helpful to you?

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