Thoughts and Mindset.

Do you know how many thoughts do you think per day? What are you thinking right now ? Is it possible to count the exact number of thoughts that our minds process per second? Are all your thoughts good ? Are you able to control your thoughts? We humans are the only species who have the ability to think. So thinking is actually a good thing. It helps us to differentiate between good and bad,pain and pleasure, anxiety and happiness. Isn’t it our thoughts that enable us to reason?Have you ever imagined,how our life would be if we were unable to think?

Types of thoughts

Positive thoughts

Do you feel happy and excited when you think about something ? These thoughts that leads to emotions that you enjoy the most like happiness, love, kindness, generosity are positive. It makes you feel good. As we all know that positive thoughts are essential for leading a successful and satisfied life. Developing a positive mindset and right attitude is equally important .

Negative thoughts

These are thoughts that makes you feel worried, sad, jealous, anxious, stressed and weak. Even though we don’t enjoy these thoughts,is it possible to completely avoid these thoughts? Negative thoughts are actually a protective mechanism that we develop as a part of our natural defense mechanism .These thoughts might have developed as a result of our not so good experiences in the past like an accident, emotional traumas like being rejected ,abandoned, abused or bullied. When we are afraid of something our body releases adrenaline a hormone which activates flight or fight response which tells us either to escape from the scene or to fight against it. So it is natural for us to have negative thoughts. So don’t panic when you experience a negative thought. There are several ways to tackle negative thoughts and emotions.

1. Acknowledge your thoughts

When ever you feel like a negative thought coming into your mind, accept it,feel it and experience it. If you feel like crying,cry. If you feel like shouting , shut your self in a room and shout. If you feel like hitting some one,hit on the walls of your room or on your pillow. Some times it will go away once you express it.

2. Don’t keep your mind blank

Here comes the importance of positive affirmation, gratitude and prayers. Always say some positive affirmations or prayer in your mind so that there is no room for negative thoughts to come into your mind. You can simply focus on saying thank you God every time . When I was young my father used to tell me,ideal mind is devil’s workshop.

These are a list of positive affirmations that I use daily to stay positive and motivated.

Dear God, thank you so much for all your blessings to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Dear God, thank you so much for all your love to me ,my family and all the people in this world.

Dear God, thank you so much for the amazing health you are giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Dear God, thank you so much for all the money you are giving to me,my family and all the people in this world.

Dear God, thank you so much for all of your love, guidance, protection and abundance through out my entire life.

3.Watch your thoughts

Everytime when a thought comes to your mind, keep watching it with out judging it as positive or negative. Consider it just as a thought. Spend time observing and studying your thought patterns. Don’t make it personal. Remember thoughts are thoughts. This allows you to know your thoughts better.


It is a good idea to write down your thoughts . It helps you to identify and eliminate the most nagging thoughts. Once you know which thoughts are the most harmful one, replace them with three positive thoughts.


Practice meditation to maintain a healthy positive mental attitude. Meditation helps you stay focused on the present. Meditation helps you clear negative thoughts .

6.EFT tapping:

Tapping on specific points on your body helps you to release negative thoughts and emotions.

7.Show some love to you:

Stop criticising your self. Are you saying ” I am not good enough? Are you doubting your self for your abilities? Are you calling your self a looser? Are you comparing your self with others. Stop being a self critique. Be kind and gentle to your self.

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