Selfcare and it’s benefits.

What is self care?

Self care is about taking time everyday from your hectic schedule and reflecting upon your mental, physical and emotional needs to reinvigorate your mind,body and spirit. How many hours do we invest daily taking care of the needs of others? How much do we care for our family members? How much care do we give to the job we do? But are you giving enough care to your own self? It won’t be long before you get worn out if you forget to take care of your self. A person who don’t take care of him self ,can’t take care of others for long. You might be thinking,how can I practice this self care , when I don’t even have time to finish my daily routine before I fall asleep? It is easy for someone to write something down , but they don’t know how we are going to do it ?they don’t even care? Isn’t it that you are thinking as you scroll down this post. I am writing this post because I do care about each one of you. I have implemented this self care practice in my life with great success and thought to share with you all.

Why is it important?

Self care is important to know your self more and to be your self. It helps you to get to know your strengths and weakness and to be truthful to you and others. It is important to recharge your batteries. Daily self care routine helps you to establish and maintain a healthy relationship with you. It is important to create a positive self image and to boost confidence and self esteem. It also helps to cultivate and maintain positive mental attitude . It is a reminder for you and others that you are important. Self care gives you an opportunity to tackle daily stress.

Best self care practices

1. Prayer and meditation: You can pray anytime you want to pray. Do you think that you have to visit church or any other religious places to pray every day? Pray while you walk, work or relax in your mind. Have you felt that inner peace and calm everytime you pray or meditate? If you are not comfortable with prayer try meditation. Meditation is a spiritual practice. Through meditation you can connect your mind ,body and soul to the infinite source or God. Meditation is a way to practice self care by reflecting on your thoughts. Maintaining an attitude of gratitude is also a way to pray . You can be grateful for anything or everything.

2. Get enough sleep

Are you getting enough sleep? Do you find it difficult to fall asleep? Do you know that our body needs at least six hours of sleep per day?Sleep is a good way to relax your mind,body and soul. Getting enough and adequate sleep makes you more productive during the day. Sleep depriviation leads to lack of focus and attention.

3. Maintain proper nutrition

Eat a healthy and balanced diet. Are you in the habit of eating a lot of sugars, soft drinks and processed foods on a daily basis? It is okay to snack on them once in a while. Snack on some healthy nuts,fruits and fresh veggies. Maintain proper hydration by drinking enough water. Poor diet can make you vulnerable to many health issues. What is your favorite healthy food ? Make sure to plan ahead and find a way to integrate it into your daily diet.

4. Develop and enjoy Hobbies

What is the thing that you enjoy doing the most? What are your hobbies? Is it drawing? Is it gardening? Is it reading? Is it spending time in nature?  Is it feeding birds? Is it taking care of your pet?Find time to do what you love to do. Identify your passion. Make sure to incorporate it into your daily life.

5. Pamper yourself

Get your self pampered once in a while. Do you love to indulge your self in a refreshing spa treatment or an exotic massage? But haven’t tried it due to other responsibilities. Do you enjoy immersing your self in a deep and relaxing Epsom salt bath?How often do you massage your feet with your favorite lotion before going to sleep? When was the last time you got a self care treatment ?

6. Exercise

Exercise helps to release stress and keep your body healthy. Exercise helps release endorphins that helps in over all wellness. Exercise also promote over all well being by improving heart health and circulation. Exercise also helps to maintain proper weight. You can incorporate a short brisk walk, jogging , climbing stairs , cycling etc in your daily exercise routine.

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