Are you experiencing synchronicities in your life right now? For example, you were thinking about a song and after sometime you heard that song playing in the television or FM radio. You were like,”wow I was just thinking about this song and it is manifesting.”

Then you were thinking about an old friend ,whom you have not met for a long time. You received a phone call or text message or an email from him or you meet him at the shopping mall or in the train or bus.

You were thinking about eating an ice cream , some one at your office or home buys ice cream for you after sometime. Don’t fail to notice these signs . Don’t just wait for the exact thing you manifested. These are  signs that the Law of attraction is already working for you. Enjoy the small blessings you receive in between. Appreciate and thank universe for all these smaller manifestations. These are preparing you to be ready for your heighest manifestations to come true. If you fail to notice these synchronicities you can’t align yourself completely with your manifestation process. These signs helps you to have faith in the universe and to wait for your desires to manifest at it’s own divine timing.

The Universe doesn’t speak English. It is how universe communicate with you, through signs and numbers. Whenever you doubt whether the Law of attraction is working for you or not look for the signs from the universe. It may be in the form of repeating numbers or finding feathers or coins on the ground. These are the signs from the universe that your manifestations are on its way to you. So whenever you feel doubt, ask for a sign,and you will be able to get some signs from the universe. Have faith and trust in the universe.

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