An opportunity .

Today while returning back to home from work in a taxi,I witnessed this incident. The taxi driver was an old man in his early sixties. Suddenly a man stopped his car in front of the taxi .He got down from his car and started to shout at the taxi driver. He seemed very angry and frustrated at the driver for stopping the taxi there. He continued his shouting for about ,10 to 15 minutes. I was getting late to reach home. But I waited inside the taxi .To my amazement, the taxi driver didn’t get out from the taxi or say anything to the angry man. He sat there smiling and nodding his head. After sometime the man got back into his car and drove away. Then our taxi driver started his car. On the way ,I asked him,”why didn’t you get angry or not said anything to that man? How was it possible for you to stay calm the entire time, even when the man said bad and hurting things to you?”He had a lot of garbage within him,he wanted to dump all that to me. If I say something back to him,means that I am accepting it from him .I don’t like to accept the garbage from another person. But I was actually helping this man to release his frustration,so that he could feel happy.” He replied. I felt a lot of respect to this man hearing his reply. It was true wisdom coming from the old man. I sat back and thought, how wise this man was to be patient enough and to forgive the person who hurt him. I learned a lesson from him ,it is not our job to answer to someone’s anger and frustration. It is only when we accept it and return the same thing, that it become a fight . Clapping both the hands create noise. Is it possible to make noise by only one hand? Even though I reached home late ,I was happy to have learned a lesson. We can learn something from every person or situations that we come across daily if you look into it positively. I might have worried about reaching home late but I shifted my focus from the worry to learn. So I was able to stay calm . Life gives you opportunities to learn and to grow. When life present you with an opportunity it is your responsibility to make the right choice, to learn something or to worry ?

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