The divine presence.

Have you ever felt the presence of the one and only” God”, the universe or the infinite source of potential in your life? Have you noticed it anywhere in your life?Did you felt something strange before escaping an accident? That voice telling you to get out of the car now. Then you didn’t know that its break liner was damaged. You just took it to the mechanic because something inside you told you to do it.But what would have happened if you ignored that voice? That is God .He lives within each one of us.

You were driving your car through a narrow road .A tree had fallen on the road blocking your way,so you have to take a diversion. You were worried because you reached your office late. Later you heard that the road was carried away in a landslide and the people who went before you didn’t escape. So who or what put the tree blocking your way?

One day you kept water on the stove to boil and went outside to get some fresh air , but you heard someone calling your name. There was nobody home to call your name. But you were startled and ran inside to find your child few inches away from the stove, about to pull the boiling water on to him. You ran and swept him away. You were panting. Who called you, when your child woke up from a nap and reached the kitchen?

One day, you were relaxing in your swimming pool and your phone rang, you went out side the pool to pick up the phone call, but when you reached near the phone ,the call was disconnected. You were about to leave your door to the swimming pool and you noticed some thing. The electric wire from the post have fallen into the pool. You ran to call the electricity department .That moment you automatically calls “Oh my God.”

How many times his unknown hands protected us?

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