Emotional freedom technique EFT and it’s benefits.

EFT was introduced by Gary Craig in 1990’s. This technique is a combination of mind-body medicine and acupuncture. This method is based on the fact that are our thoughts and emotions are energy and the effect of these thoughts either Positive or negative on all functions of our body leading to stress and anxiety. EFT helps to clear your mind of negative thoughts and beliefs. It helps you to stay focused on the present and to develop a positive attitude. It is a self help method which involves tapping near the endpoints of the “energy meridian”located around our body to reduce tension and promote a deeper mind connection.

How to practice EFT

The basic steps includes

1 . Identify and name the issue that you want to target, whether it is a problem or an issue.

2. Create a short phrase to describe the problem.

3. Come up with an affirmation . For example :”Even though I feel (fill in the emotion that you are dealing with) I deeply and completely accept myself.

4. Rate your problem based on the severity from 1-10.

4. Use your two fingers, the middle and the index finger and tap gently but firmly over the eight key meridian points shown in the picture.

Start tapping on your hand on the fleshy portion on the outside of your palm under your finger while stating the affirmation you have created. For example,”even though I feel stressed today I totally and completely accept myself.”

Speak out loud while you tap repeating the positive phrase to keep your focus . You can repeat tapping in the following order.

Next tapping point is on the top of the head stating the problem in a short key phrase.”This problem”.

1. Tap On the top of the eyebrows stating “This stress”

2. Tap under your eyes saying “this problem.”

3. Tap under your chin saying ” This stress.”

4. Tap under the collar bone stating,”this stress”.

5. Tap under the arm stating the problem.


*Reduce stress

*Decrease fatigue

*Boost energy level

*Reduce anxiety and tensions

*Boost self esteem

*Improve athletic performance

*Provide better focus and coordination

*Improves positive thoughts.

*This is the way to use your own power of healing to heal yourself, mentally and emotionally.

*EFT is a tool to help you over come negative thoughts, feelings and emotions.





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