Best wallet colours to attract wealth.

Your wallet is where you keep your money. When it comes to finances wallet plays an important role. Follow these simple tips to have more finances coming into your life.

Size of wallet:

Your wallet must be spacious enough to hold all your bills in place. It is preferable to have separate pocket for keeping coins. Avoid cluttering your wallet with bills and credit cards . You must never place your wallet on the floor. This is like disregard to your wealth. Money don’t stay with a person who don’t value it. Always carry some money in your wallet. So that everytime you open your wallet you can see it. Take good care of your wallet and allocate a good location to place your wallet. Don’t toss it carelessly on your dining table or kitchen. According to the fengshui principle there is a relationship between your finances and the color of your wallet.


Colour of wallet have an important role in your finances. A good color wallet can easily attract money to you.


A black coloured wallet is considered to be best in attracting money. According to fengshui, the colour black represent the water element,which in turn represent wealth. A black color wallet is good for those looking for advancement in career.


Color red is an auspicious color which activates good luck and fortune. It represents the fire element. But be careful about red color as it activates both positive and negative aspect of your finances.This wallet color may activate your spending habits.


Brown color wallet is the best for you,if you are a person who spend a lot of money. Brown color represent the wood element. If you want to improve your finances by saving some money then this is the best for you.


The color green represent growth and prosperity. It is the best color for your wallet if you are looking for new financial opportunities in business.

I am not a fengshui expert. But these fengshui tips were useful for me . I thought this might be useful for you.

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