Meditation and it’s benefits.

Do you find yourself overwhelmed with negative thoughts? Do you find it difficult to concentrate on your day to day activities? How often do you experience anxiety and panic attacks? How to stay happy, healthy, focused and positive all day long? Have you practiced meditation before?Start your day with meditation ;a simple but scientifically proven method for relaxation of mind,body and soul. It is not the part of any particular religion or culture. It is a science. Meditation harmonise your mind,body and spirit. It is the most powerful way to connect to the infinite field of potential. We exercise daily to keep our body healthy. Meditation is a way to exercise your mind.

Types of meditation:

1. Concentration meditation

This is one of the most common among the three major types of meditation. This is involves focusing your gaze on a single point like a candle flame, an image,a breath,a sacred symbol,a word ,a color or a small focus point.

How to meditate?

Select a suitable spot where you won’t be distracted by any noises. Even though you can meditate any time,it is best to meditate early at the dawn. Sit comfortably on a chair or on the floor. Clear your mind of all thoughts . Focus on your breath and hold your gaze on the object of choice. Once you feel that your thoughts start to wander refocus your attention on the object.


*Improves concentration and focus

*Develop calmness

2. Mindfullness meditation

This medication practice originated from the Buddhist tradition .Here you don’t have to focus your attention on any objects . Just sit in a comfortable position and pay attention to present moment deliberately and non judgementally and work with your thoughts as they come to you .Here you don’t have to control your thoughts or to focus your gaze. The main goal of mindfullness meditation is learning to stay in the present. Pay close attention to your breath. When your thoughts wander instead of rejecting them, bring your attention back to breathing.


*Helps to process negative thoughts better.

*Experience a sense of well being ,peace and calm.

*Focusing on the present helps to recognize our blessings that we usually take for granted.

3. Rajayoga meditation

Rajayoga meditation was popularized by swami Vivekananda in 19th century. Since then it was practiced through out the world .This meditation is simple and easy to perform . It can be practiced with open eyes without any rituals or mantras. It is accessible to anyone at anyplace and anytime. It is best to perform this meditation early in the morning as it is less noisy. Keep your eyes open and gently look at a particular point. Focus your mind on a single positive thought. When other thoughts come in to your mind accept them and refocus on that single positive thought.

I was introduced to the concept of Rajayoga meditation when I was fourteen years old from a Brahma Kumaris center in India. At that time I learned Rajayoga just for the sake of my parent. A short while ago I got a chance to refresh my meditation practice by attending a short course in Rajayoga back in Brahma Kumaris center India and now I am back into full swing with my meditation practice after a long break. We have a Brahma Kumaris center at our home in Kerala, India. Both my parents are practicing Rajayoga for more than twenty years.

4. Metta or loving kindness meditation

Do you find it difficult to forgive your self and forgive others ? Then this meditation is the best answer for you. This involves the simple practice of directing well wishes towards oneself and towards others. This meditation increases the capacity to forgive your self and others and also to develop self acceptance.

5 .Transcendal meditation

This form of meditation originated from Vedic tradition. This was popularized by Maharishi Mahesh Yogi.This meditation involves transcending thought itself and attaining a state of pure awareness. Sit on a chair with your back resting against it and your foot resting on the floor . Close your eyes and chant a mantra to calm your mind. Once you feel your thoughts wandering refocus on the mantra.

Health Benefits

1. Regulate heart rate

2. Boost metabolism

3. Reduces cholesterol

4. Regulates blood pressure

5. Improves quality of sleep

6. Boost immunity

Emotional benefits

1. Reduces anxiety and depression

2 .Increased feeling of well being

3. Increases creativity

4. Relaxes mind and body

5. Develops positive thoughts and attitude.

6. Improves focus, concentration and attention.

7.Relaxes and rejuvenate mind and body.

8. Provide deep relaxation.

9. Impart better decision making power.

10. Brings clarity to your thoughts.

Spiritual benefits

1. Feeling connected to the source.

2. Improved self awareness.

When you meditate a substance called serotonin is released. This is a stress buster.Meditation is effective in reducing anxiety and stress when practiced over a long period of time.It helps to increase the sense of well being.

Meditation improves overall blood circulation. It improves focus by increasing the circulation to the brain. It makes you more creative and improves memory and decision making power.

It is best to incorporate meditation into your law of attraction practice as it provide clarity of thoughts, maintain positive attitude and can visualize with more clarity while you meditate.

Oprah Winfrey, Richard Gere, Katty Perry, Miranda Kerr and Hugh Jackman are some of the famous personalities who practice meditation.

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