Book review: From dark to light.

Author: Isabella Murphy

Published on: 2016

Category: Children’s Book

From Dark to light is a fall picture book inspirationally written by Isabella Murphy when she was in fifth grade. This is the story of a small pumpkin seed. His name was Pumpker. He was planted along with her two sisters Plumpilina and Plumpalicious by old Mrs. Smith.

I started off as a slim white seed. There is nothing special about me, just a plain, boring, ordinary pumpkin.- This is how Pumpker felt about himself. He felt very lonely inside the soil, waiting to come out and see the beautiful world. He wanted to escape the teasing of his siblings. Pumpker can’t wait to be above ground and be chosen by a family to be taken home. He has dreams of being loved and escaping the mocking of his sisters. Although, as time goes on, he is glad to have stayed with his sisters in being chosen from the pumpkin patch by the same family.

One day he finally broke through the soil . His dream came true when he was finally picked up along with his sister’s by a family for the Halloween.

Rating: 4/5

I was immediately enthralled by the beauty of the cover. The book is gorgeously illustrated by Natalia Perez. This wonderfully written story is a story of struggle, hope and joy through the eyes of a pumpkin. A truly inspirational children book written by a child. My son really enjoyed reading this book . I got a copy of this book in exchange for a review. I would recommend this book to all children. This book could be the best gift for your child for this Halloween.

About the author:
Isabella Murphy is now in 8th grade. She is working on a collection of poems. She recently won the 2018 Half Moon Bay Library Teen Poetry Contest for her poem “I Felt Rhapsodic.”

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