Transform your life.

“Are you serious about transforming your life? This post is for those who are serious about it“.

Do you think that your life is not good? Do you feel stuck? Do you feel that your life is falling apart?Are you still not loving your life? Do you feel like your life is not fair to you? How can you fall in love with your life ? Our life is the greatest gift from God . What we do with it is a gift back to him. Start loving your life today and see your life loving you back. How do you want your life to be? Successful ? Satisfied? Or both? Are all successful people really happy? How can you be successful and happy at the same time?

Transformation is about finding yourself,being yourself, trusting your self, loving yourself and believing in yourself.”

1. Know yourself

The first key for a successful and satisfied life is to know yourself . What are your strengths? For example: You are very hard working, you are trust worthy or you are straight forward . Identify them and write it down. What are your weaknesses? For example: you may be short tempered, introvert,or sensitive. Once you identify it, write it. Then you can start working on it.You can turn your weaknesses into your strengths by working on it.

2. Be yourself

Always be your authentic true self. Be unique in your thoughts, ideas and actions. Be bold enough to express yourself freely without the fear of being judged by others. Embrace your true self and let people know who you truly are through your creative self . Don’t try to prove yourself to anyone. “The only person who you have to prove yourself is you.”

3. Love yourself

A person who don’t love himself won’t be able to accept himself or believe in himself. So practice self love to bring out the best in you. Once you start loving your self , you get the courage to be your true self.

4. Practice gratitude

A grateful heart is a magnet for all the good things in this universe. Once you start being grateful, your life will start transforming into something more amazing and attractive. Start being grateful for the things you already have and you will get more to be grateful for. Start your day with gratitude to stay happy all day long.

5 .Vision

Your vision is your dream about your future . It is your ability to imagine how you want your life to be .Use your imagination to create it in your mind. Everything we have and use every day was first created in someone else’s mind. Our minds are the first tool for creating our future .See it in your mind first to hold it in your hands. The car that you drive , the televisions you watch, the aeroplane you travel all was first created in mind.

6. Goal

Once you have created a vision for your future, you can easily identify your goals. What is that thing you can do today to create the future you have imagined ? Write down your goals with every minute details. Then break it down into daily, weekly , monthly and yearly goals. Make it a habit to write down your goals on a daily basis .

7. Plan

Once you identify your goals, start creating an outline of the activities you can do to achieve your goals. For example,if your goal is to have 50 million dollar in your bank account, plan about how much money you can save per day.

8. Action

Pablo Picasso said-“Action is the fundamental key to success”. You must be willing to take necessary action towards the direction of your goals. Decide , what you are doing today to achieve your goals? Take that tiny step one at a time , slowly towards your dream.

9. Inspiration

Feel inspired to move forward in the direction of your dreams and goals. You can get inspiration from nature, look at the ants working hard daily to collect food grains and how they move it safely one grain at a time to their home. You can get inspired by other people’s success. You can get inspired from within you everytime you focus on your goals.

10. Getting started

Getting started is the first and the best thing towards doing anything. You cannot make anything happen unless you start it. Some people wait their entire life without even starting .

11. Believe in yourself

There are a few people who start with great enthusiasm. But after a short while ,they lose their interest . They will start doubting themselves, am I good enough to do this? Is this something I should really do? Self belief is important. A person who do not believe in himself and his own ability will never be able to achieve success. Remember , what you believe is who you are and who you become . So no matter what others say , always believe in yourself and your dreams.

12.Have patience

Patience is a virtue that one should have to be successful in life. Believe that everything is working out for your heighest good. It allows you to keep working towards your goals even if you don’t see any results. Fall in love with your dreams so much that you can’t stop from working towards it.

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