The Little big heart.

“Mom, please, can I buy that toy from the toy store with the pocket money I got for Christmas?”Mili asked her mother. “Okay darling; you can buy anything you like”,her mother replied with a smile. “No,I will buy a nice set of jewelry box with it” . While they returned from the park ,they over heard a conversation between a girl and her mother. They lived in the adjacent houses. That little girl’s name was Lilly .She and her mom lived alone in a small cottage .Her mother was always sick and their income was just to cover her treatment ,Lilllies school and to buy groceries.But they never asked for help from anyone. “Mom , can you please buy me that beautiful dress that we saw today at the shop ?I would look pretty in that.” “Oh dear ,how can we buy that expensive dress? You know our situation ,if your dad was here,he would have brought you that dress”. “It is okay mom,I just liked it when I saw it .”Lily said with dismay. Mili said nothing to her mother . Next day her parents took her for shopping . They first went to the toy shop. “Mili there is your favorite toy, aren’t you going to buy it?”” No mom I don’t like it any more ,”she replied. Next they went to the jewellery shop but she didn’t bought the jewellery box as well. They finished shopping and was about to return, Mili noticed that beautiful dress hanging in the store.

She asked her mother,”mom can I buy that dress please”? “Of course you can, but I think it is too small for you”. She asked the shopkeeper to gift wrap it. She wrote on it, to Lilly with love Mili. She went to visit Lilly and handed over the packet. Lilly was overwhelmed with joy when she found that dress in the packet. She and her mother thanked Mili for it. Mili went to sleep that night with gratitude and joy for buying a good gift for Lily.

When she woke up she found two gift boxes on her table. When she opened it ,she was overjoyed to find her favorite toy and a jewelry box. She ran to her mother and hugged her and kissed her. “Why you are thanking me dear?” Her mother asked lovingly . “For the toy and the jewelry box mom,”Mili said. “It came to you because you were kind enough to help that little girl sacrificing your own needs. ” Her mother replied.

MORAL:Kindness in whatever ways will always be rewarded.

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