Mindset “self- evaluation questionnaire” for law of attraction aspirants.

These set of questions helps you to identify your current mindset .If you want to change your life you must first change your mind set.


Mind set is the established attitude held by a person towards a person or situation. There are two categories of mindsets


It is a mental or emotional attitude that focus only on the bright side of life .One who always looks for things to be grateful for. A person who always focus on the good side of something or someone is the one with a positive mental attitude.










It is the mental attitude where a person tends to focus on the worst scenario in any situation.










1. Do you believe in yourself? Yes/No

2 .Do you have a goal in life? Yes/No

3. Do you believe in your goals? Yes/No

4. Do you believe that your goals are easily achievable? Yes/No

5. Do you work towards your goals with enthusiasm? Yes/No

6. Do you easily give up on your goals after trying for one or two times? Yes/No

7. Do you feel discouraged, when you don’t get what you need? Yes/No

8. Do you get inspired by other people’s success? Yes/No

9. Do you feel that you are not good enough if you don’t succeed? Yes/No

10 .Do you fear being judged by people? Yes/No

11. Do you have complete faith in the universe? Yes/No

12. Do you believe that the universe is always working for your highest good? Yes/No

13. Do you sometimes doubt whether the law of attraction is working for you? Yes/No

14. Do you allow your self to be carried away by negative self talk and self-doubt? Yes/No

15. Do you feel that your manifestations are on its way to you even if you don’t have any signs of it? Yes/No

16. Do you feel like you have waited too long to manifest your desires? Yes/ No

17 .Do you gossip about others? Yes/ No

18. Do you compare yourself with others ? Yes/ No

19. Do you love yourself? Yes/No

20. Do you forgive your self for your past mistakes? Yes/No

21. Do you complain about what you don’t have? Yes/ No

22. Do you spend time on self-care and self development? Yes/ No

23 .Do you spend time with people who love and support you? Yes/No

24. Do you feel grateful for everything you have now? Yes/ No

25. Do you think that you are successful in your own ways? Yes/ No

How many questions do you answer yes?

The response :

1. Yes 6. No. 11. Y. 16. N. 21. N

2. Y 7. N. 12. Y. 17. N. 22. Y

3. Y. 8 .N. 13. N. 18. N. 23. Y

4. Y. 9. N. 14. Y. 19. Y. 24. Y

5. Y. 10. Y. 15. N. 20.Y. 25. Y

If your score is 20-25 (your mind set is good)

If your score is 10 – 20 (you can improve your mind set with a lot of practice)

If your score is less than 10 (you must start working seriously on your mind set)


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