Bullying and it’s effect.

What is bullying?

Bullying is something that is done by a person or a group intentionally to hurt,harm,intimidate or damage some one.This occurrence is not just limited to once but over and over again.It is not something that just hurts you on the outside but have the potential to hurt you from inside.

Common places where bullying occurs are schools ,offices and on internet.


There are three major types of bullying. They are :

1 .Verbal

2. Physical

3. Emotional


Verbal bullying involves calling names, threatening, making disrespectful comments about you and your family members . For example,”you are fat and your mom too .” Threatening ,”if you don’t do this I will not let you go .”


Physical bullying is anything that hurts you by touching . It involves hitting, pushing, biting, scratching, tipping you on purpose , pulling hair or damage your belongings. For example , some one throws a ball at you while you were walking through the playground.


It involves ignoring some one for a long time, leaving someone out or not allowing them to join in a game. It also includes spreading rumors about someone behind their back


Physical pain


Low self-esteem




Feeling lonely

Difficulty in making and maintaining friends.

Ways to tackle bullying:

Children are the most common victims of bullying at school . Parents need to make them aware about this and help them to tackle it . Teach them self respect and show them to treat everyone with respect. If you feel that your child is withdrawn or they have any bruise on their body, discuss with them about it. Give them your love and support. Teach them to love themselves and to stand up for themselves.

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