Book review: The Cruel Romance.


AUTHOR: Marina Osipova

GENRE: Fiction

“Serafima”lived with her mother Glafira in a small village 80 miles from Moscow. She bid farewell to the love of her life Victor;who was an officer in the Russian army ,who left for the Warfront. A few days after he left,the German soldiers attacked her village and took Serafima and her mother as hostage . The cruel general and his accomplice a young soldier tortured them many ways and tore their life apart.

Her life took an unexpected turn when she returned to revive the ideal for her mother . She was attacked and brutally raped . This left her in pain and misery that followed her entire life.

She gave birth to her son Ivan .But, who was the boy’s father? It remained a suspense till the end.

Will Victor be able to forgive her and to accept her son when he returned from the Warfront? Will Serafima forgive Werter , for the damage he did to her?

She again found love in Yakov ,who was her teacher at the technical university.


The Cruel Romance by Marina Osipova is a historic fiction. It is a beautiful compilation of romance,terror, courage , patience, strength , forgiveness and also suspense. She took great effort in portraying the aftermath of war in the lives of Serafima, Victor,Werter,Anna Konstantinova and Yakov.

I loved the cover which gave me an insight about the content of the novel.I also loved the way the author introduced and explained Russian names which where a bit challenging to pronounce.

The story is divided into two parts; Part I: Damned war

Part II : Merciless peace

How would I forget the old one legged Semenich,who always helped Serafima during her difficult times.

Anna Konstantinova’s kindness to Ivan was really heartwarming. She was not just a music teacher to him. He loved her as his second mother. It was she who realized his talents in music.

I was worried about what will happen to Serafima and her son and kept on reading till the end . I really enjoyed reading this book and already finished reading it twice . I added it to my favorites and would never regret purchasing it. I would recommend this for all romance lovers.

Cover:1 🌟

Content:1 🌟

Editing: 1 🌟

Formatting:1 🌟

Rating : 🌟 🌟 🌟 🌟

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